About us

We are a team born on the 27th October of 2019 at the Climathon Courmayeur and we are focusing on creating a new green travel solution: Greenvago.

Greenvago team

  • Andrea: start-up entrepreneur, already founder of the start-up named SnowBoom ltd., master of IT solutions;
  • Filippo: team financial expert, project manager and executor of European tenders, chartered accountant and auditor, graduated in economy;
  • Giovanni: team legal expert, official in the regional environment office , expert in environmental legislation and project manager of European tenders, environmental engineer;
  • Matteo: manager for relations with institutional parties and NGOs, biologist and master in green-impact;
  • Vittorio: manager for relations with institutional parties and NGOs, work experience in healthcare industry

Tomorrow’s tourism

Sustainability and deseasonalization of tourism

In order to preserve the alpine ecosystem tourism shall become more responsible and sustainable.

This calls for the direct action from the tourists themselves that should be put into the condition to act properly.

Challenge vision

Solutions shall focus on innovative ways to manage touristic flows in order to have a more uniform number of visitors between the high and the low season. Moreover it’s of the utmost importance to manage touristic activities that take place in the city and the surrounding mountains in a sustainable fashion. 

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